40+ organizations will be present to welcome internship seekers. Candidates will meet and drop their CVs in their desired organization to get internship opportunities. Get registered from here.

4 interactive career sessions will be held on the trendy career guidance by the industry leaders and career coaches.

 * Attitude & Grooming

 * Smart CV Writing

 * Work Place for Graduate

 * Panel Discussion

 * In Practice all is Possible

 * Organization Productivity

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* A panel discussion will be held on the topic of “What are the main challenge to become the employed”

* “what specific skills are employers looking for? and how do they expect to develop them?”

Candidate can have their appointment with a career expert regarding their career guidance and expert opinion. Just get the appointment and grab the schedule.

Now a day’s video resume is a trend to attract employers by sending a simple linkedin profile and a video attachment along with the cv. The option will be there to create your own video resume by taking your appointment.

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